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Your business is our #1 priority. At The Foggy Lemon Development we work to provide our clients with exceptional online solutions that stand out, create engagement & leave a lasting impression. We focus on brand consistency from the creation of your logo, website, marketing material & advertisements.  
Here's The Story!
Alison Mysiorek is the owner and operator of The Foggy Lemon Development. She started the business in 2013 out of Prince Albert Sk. When the company was first founded it was based on the idea that marketing and websites can be made affordable. After 5 years of university, Alison was slapped with a dose of reality that life in fact is quick... Do you want to spend your life regretting what you wanted to do but never got around to doing it or completing it? The crew quickly grew to 12 dedicated graphic designers, print specialists, marketing managers & content writers. 
Now, The Foggy Lemon Development services all of Saskatchewan for all your online and advertising needs! 
Why blend in when you were born to stand out?
- Dr. Seuss 
Alison Mysiorek
Owner & Operator
If you've ever spent any time talking with Ali, you'll quickly learn that her passion for her work is her #1 priority in business. She believes in loving what you do, and creating ways to have fun doing it!
Some fun facts about Ali!
Ali has an obsession with true crime and also has a second business called True Crime & Wine Online. She is also a huge fan of Forgiato Blow, political rap music, horror movies and has a weird extensive amount of knowledge about historical events that have shaped the laws in North America. 
Rafael Baez
Graphic Designer 
Family means anything to Rafael, he is originally from The Dominican Republic and moved to Florida to build his dream of working for the Coast Guard. Helping people in need has always been his biggest passion aside from working as a graphic designer.
Some fun facts about Rafi!
Rafael has been working in the digital marketing world for over 15 years. His passion for graphic design started when he was only 12 years old grew to allow him to travel the world as a branding specialist. Ali & Rafi originally met online over 20 years ago and Rafael was the OG who encouraged Ali to get into graphic design. 
Taylor Greene
Content Writer
Taylor is a mother of 6 who works full time as a children's book illustrator. Her passion for writing started at a very young age and she successfully published her first book at the age of 15. Her books can be found in the children's section at McNally Robinson. 
Some fun facts about Taylor!
As a writer, Taylor hammers through a novel a week. She has a passion for books and loves hearing new recommendations on books. Her passion is working with real estate agents and assists with writing creative descriptions for their listings. She currently works with Century 21 Agents, Realty Executive Agents and even agents in the United States. 
Akhil Khanna
Graphic Designer
Akil has been a huge asset to The Foggy Lemon team by bringing a creative advertising component to life. He works remotely but will communicate with clients and normally has a next day turn around for any design requests needed. 
Some fun facts about Akil!
It was hard to get any information about any facts about Akil as he said "just fill it out for me - no one will double check." So, if you end up working with Akil make sure to ask him how he is an olympic swimmer and the fastest bread maker in the country. He's won awards for being able to make yeist rise faster than anyone in the world. 

What is The Foggy Lemon

At The Foggy Lemon, we provide our clients with affordable marketing solutions to kickstart any small to medium sized business.  We work with our clients to create marketing goals so that they can compete and stand out in their industry. With 15 years experience in the marketing and design industry, our award winning experts are 100% confident that we can find a marketing budget that will suit your needs. From concept to creation we can work with you for all your design and optimization needs. 
The Foggy Lemon Development is a Saskatchewan local web development team with 12 dedicated team members that focus on your business needs. If it's non-profit growth, fundraising, charity events we've got you covered! The Foggy Lemon Development has worked with over 400 not for profit organizations. In the last 3 years raising over $700,000 for children in need, animal shelters & community events. Our primary focus in business is website design, social media marketing & search engine optimization. 

Why should I choose The Foggy Lemon?

Our team is focused on your growth. We provide structured information that allows us to make your online reputation stand out from the crowd and have fun! We provide training in areas of website updates, social media and graphic design. We also offer photography services, videography, green screen animation & so much more! 

We work with your business to determine a strategy that is right for you! Our primary goal is to target the audience that is most effective for your business and your demographics. By providing you with hard data that tracks all the visitors to your website, your social media pages & how they are getting there! This allows us to build you a strategy plan that will go above and beyond your expectations in the online world. For more information, subscribe to our newsletters or book a consultation!