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What does it cost to run a website annually?

I get asked this question on an almost daily basis so I decided to break down some of the costs that most typically come together with a website. If you aren't doing any marketing your only costs should be your hosting and your domain and possibly any premium apps you may need to keep your website running up to date.


Think of your website like your house... every year you pay property tax on your home to be able to keep your house somewhere situated (sort of) In this sense your property tax is like your hosting... you have to pay for your hosting so that you can put an address on your "home" i.e Website and it be able to be found easily and securely online.


Your domain is like your home address "" you typically renew this every year also it's typically on average $25/yr depending on your domain. Keep in mind that any premium apps you have installed on your website like custom contact forms, chat agents, seo widgets can also be added to your annual total. For any questions you have about your website renewals even if The Foggy Lemon didn't build your website give us a call and we can help explain your grand totals.



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